Our collectables are defined not just only by great quality, but by safe and ethical production. We’re taking meaningful steps in sustainability – from our production to packaging and everything in between – as we strive towards a greener future.

Our Commitment
We believe it’s our responsibility to respect and protect the environment. Our approach is constantly evolving as we evaluate our strategy on social responsibility and address all levels of our supply chain. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and encourage operational transparency. Working with our network of partners and suppliers, we strive for excellence and integrity at every stage of manufacturing and production.

It all comes back to our overarching goal: to create collectables you’ll love, with a conscience.


We enforce rigorous trading terms to ensure our supply chain is free from all forms of worker exploitation. Our Code of Supplier Conduct applies to all factories we work with, and compliance records must be signed and adhered to by both suppliers and third parties.

Our manufacturers, regardless of location, are audited and must adhere to our high ethical and social standards; we have zero tolerance for child labour, discrimination, corruption, bribery or animal cruelty, and ensure safe working conditions and fair pay.

We are committed to meeting all required corporate governance and cyber security guidelines and pledge to regularly share progress on our ethical and sustainability standards. We’re taking small steps to make a big difference.