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Delivery times

Australian standard delivery⁣
Victoria: 2-3 business days ⁣
New South Wales: 2-4 business days⁣
Queensland: 2-5 business days ⁣
Western Australia: 3-9 business days ⁣
South Australia: 2-4 business days ⁣
Tasmania: 1-3 business days ⁣
Australian Capital Territory: 2-3 business days⁣
Northern Territory: 4-7 business days ⁣

Australian express delivery⁣
Victoria: 1-2 business days ⁣
New South Wales: 2-3 business days ⁣
Queensland: 2-3 business days ⁣
Western Australia: 2-4 business days ⁣
South Australia: 2-3 business days ⁣
Tasmania: 2-3 business days⁣
Australian Capital Territory: 1-2 business days ⁣
Northern Territory: 3-5 business days ⁣

International standard delivery⁣
New Zealand: 7-12 business days⁣
United States: 10-15 business days⁣
United Kingdom: 10-15 business days⁣
Canada: 10-15 business days⁣

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